New Developments (Sun May 04, 2008 7:38 pm) As anybody who actually pays attention to Chatspot will know, development pretty much halted two years ago. But now, I'm back in a position where I can work on Chatspot. As a result then, I am now the project's lead developer - again. As far as I know Kaniaz - or Steve - has no desire to come back and work on Chatspot. The development status of Chatspot has actually changed since we last updated people here. In 2007 work was started on Chatspot TPL, which is another ground-up rewrite of Chatspot. It is, currently, a functional chat program with no real special features. If you want to check it out, you can witness it on Sourceforge's SVN server . What is different about Chatspot TPL, then, is that it isn't just ... continue »

What's Chatspot?

Chatspot is a web-based chat program which allows your website's users to chat via an easy to access chatroom. If desired, it can integrate nicely with your forum software and database to use existing user accounts. The great thing about all of this is that nobody is required to download client software or need anything other than their browser and enabled Javascript. It has many usability benefits that other free chat solutions like IRC or Java based clients simply can't provide, making Chatspot a great choice for chatting software.

Chatspot relies solely on HTML, Javascript and PHP in order to be as portable to as many client platforms as possible, so that 99% of all your forum users should be able to use Chatspot with no problems whatsoever. Users will not need to install any clients or type in anything - they just need to simply click the "Join Chat" link placed on your site or forum.

If you have any questions to ask the developers of Chatspot, please direct them to the forum.

Getting & Installing Chatspot

Chatspot TPL 1 - which you can run without forum software, or indeed with forum software - is due to be released by the end of the year, if not by the end of summer.

Until then you can use Chatspot 2.0.0a7 Alpha. This version of Chatspot is specially designed to integrate with phpBB2 and for users of this forum software it is a popular choice. Whilst 2.0.0a7 is an alpha version, there are no serious bugs. Download now! As ever, if you have any problems installing Chatspot, or you find a bug in Chatspot, report it at the forum.

Contributing to Chatspot

We are always open for new contributions or people willing to help out with Chatspot in some way - just drop a line on the forums. There's always something you could get doing. Programming abilites aren't really required - well, if you want to program something into it, they are - just some real motivation. See the open tasks for a list of things you could help with.

Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge versions of Chatspot can be checked out from Sourceforge's SVN server - - and they will usually work without issues.