Chatspot is frequently updated - new features are added, rewrites are made and bugs are fixed. Consequently, you may want to frequent the forums for information on when releases are going to be made, and sign up for the release notifcation list on Sourceforge (requires login). This is reccomended to keep your forum safe and you aware of when Chatspot needs to be updated. Provisions in Chatspot to notify you of new releases may be made later on in development, similar to phpBB's method.

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Stable Release

The current stable release is 2.0.0a7. It is reccomended that you keep your Chatspot release up to date to prevent security problems or other bugs arising. Click the button on the right to download Chatspot now. It is also available in .zip format. This verison was released on the 18th December, 2005. You may also want to view the release notes/changelog on Sourceforge.

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Cutting Edge

To develop Chatspot, we use our own private Subversion server. Therefore, unforunately, our chatspot CVS is very out of date and a bit broke too. Therefore, if you want a cutting edge download, you're better to send an email to Techboy or PM him on the forum. Although the Subversion server is private (although only for technical reasons), you can look at the code in ViewCVS as well, to see what it is like without having to use CVS and check anything out.

When is <x> going to be released?

It's a common question and it's something that's understandable too - you're all just dying for the next verison, right? Chatspot does not have any set milestones and things can abruptly change. Also, setting release dates is a bad thing because they are extremely easy to miss, and we don't want to disappoint people at the time. While the forums might contain some hints as to estimated times, they're not accurate. Therefore, the short answer to this question is "when it's done". Sorry.